Monday, September 15, 2008

Leafy Round Robin Done!!!

Dispite how it looks in this photo, the leaf quilt is now finished and ready to put in our show next month. This was a round robin made by seven members of the Border's Quilting group better known as the Border Babes, which is a segment of the Rumpled Quilts Kin guild. Out coming show will be on October 11th at St. Francis High School in Traverse City. Admission is $5.

This quilt started out as four fall leaf orphan blocks. It first went to Laura Munck, the chipster! who attached the first border of batik leaves. Then it went to Judy Dunmire who put on more maple leaves in the light brown background. She broke the rules a little. I specified that I only wanted batiks in my quilt and she put in a regular print. Good thing it doesn't detract from the overall beauty! Next it went to Ellie Panek who is sadly now deceased. She put on the wonderful blue border with the three dimentional leaves. Next the quilt tripped over to Nancy Crow's residence where she attached the saw tooth edge border. Then it waltzed over to my dear friend Sues Simpson, who found a lot of great fabrics to add all of her piano keys border with one appliqued stylized rose. Then it was up to Elaine Penney to finish it off with a final border and she chose to add the yellow flange backed up by the lovely green and gold batik border. When I got it back I thought, my goodness this is sure huge! It was too big for a wall hanging but not quite big enough for my bed. So I decided to add one more border, well actually two, to make queen sized. So I made more of those wonderful fall leaves that I began with and made a top and bottom border with those and then bordered it one last time with a wonderful gold batik. TaDAAAA! It has a dark green variagated binding now and is totally finished! I am so proud of it. It is going on my bed as soon as I take it down from the show.

Above is another quilt I just finished. It's a miniature Amish 4-patch. It too will hang in the show.

More later as I get quilts finished and pictures taken.

Cindy K-K