Monday, May 15, 2006

Before picture?

This picture was taken a few years ago when we visited Picture Rocks in Michigan's U.P. So you can see what I'm dealing with here. It's tough sometimes to get out and walk when I sometimes haven't the energy to even get out of my chair. But I am determined to do it none-the-less. I am certain that eventually I will have more energy, more stamina, and less luggage, all I have to do is train myself to enjoy the action of walking. Coupled with photography, aided with Books on tape and music to walk by, bribing myself with interesting destinations, sights, motivations, and the like, I will continue to grow in my love and enjoyment of these walks. I will have conversations in my head, I will learn new things, I will continue to think my deep thoughts and share them in this journal.

We shall see if the next picture I put up here of myself, resembles this one. LOL!

The Haunter- Cindy K-K

A slight bribe

Today I walked down Baldwin to Garfield Road, where there are several shops, a Sherwin Williams, a flower shop, a salon, a shop that sells rubber stamps, another that sells tobacco, and a Subway Sandwhich shop. I stopped in front of the Sherwin Williams store and looked for a long time a display of wall sized murals which intrigued me greatly except that I have no big walls in my home that are not already covered with quilts. Then I stopped into the Stamp store and marvelled at all the lovely cards that the lady had made from different papers and rubber stamps, colored inks and pens and lovely new techniques of paper craft that I've never imagined, and I have a great imagination!

I stopped at the Subway Shop and got a sandwich for lunch, this was my little bribe for myself of a bit of lunch so that I would get out and walk the mile up to the shop and back. So now I know I can walk a mile. Tomorrow I will walk down to the library about 9/10ths a mile from here. From I will rest there for a few minutes and browse, then I will continue on down to State Street and take some pictures of the gardens down there. I will post them tomorrow if I come up with anything good. I will then grab a bus back home again. That's the plan. We'll see how it goes.

Cindy K-K, the Haunter

My Haunts

I am haunted by specters of death, ill health, medications, poor diet, little or no exercise and an artistic temperament. Over the past few years I have been trying to combat these hauntings with specific doses of healthy walking and a low-carb diet. This is to be a record of my new haunts, thoughts, pictures, discoveries, made as I walk about my life. I am a moody, sometimes bleak, person. So I will house my happier more positive thoughts in bright colors, and my sad, angry, or depressing thoughts in greys and blues. I have been fighting this problem all my life, and so I hold hope that I may someday claim victory over it. With the help of this journal and with He who strangthens me, all things are possible.

The Haunter, Cindy K-K