Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's new--besides my great new Blog Template?

This is Nick's Quilt!

Yes, my Main Character of my Novel has had a quilt made for him by his Girlfriend, Sarah and her Cousin Katie. Of course, I made this one myself. But that's not all, Nick has an E-mail Address too. It is That's right. Now you can E-mail Nick himself and he might even answer your e-mails! Go figure! These are real people here, with lives of their own!

I just finished writing the horrifying tumultous scene in the book. I don't want to ruin it for you but lets just say that no one got away unscathed, not even me. Things were going so well for my two love birds too. But now they are nearly back to square one! It's sad, but neccessary. After all this is what the book is about.

Anyway, I'm taking a few days off to finish up some quilting before my guild meeting. I got a bunch of stuff done today. I got the Round Robin all quilted and I have to put the binding on it tomorrow. I'd let you see it, except my camera batteries are getting charged up right now. Oh well, maybe next week.

So how about this Blog Template!! Cool huh?! I have to tell you where I got it. I got it off a great Website called Spirit's Templates. It's run by a friend of mine who does custom templates for Blogs and websites. Isn't she a genius? A CREATIVE genius! She's a writer too. I met her on the Nanowrimo site!

Eleanor Howard has been helping me hand quilt my Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt and it's nearly finished. That's my oldest UFO! Can't wait to see that one finished.

I finish no less than 6 quilt tops last month. I know I haven't updated since November but really, it was the Christmas season and everyone goes a little nuts in the winter. They don't call it Cabin FEVER for nothing! We here in Michigan get stir-crazy looking at nothing but white and grey all the time!

So I'll cut this post short for now until I can get some new photos taken of my newest quilt tops. Thanks for looking in.

Cindy K-K