Sunday, November 06, 2011

Nanowrimo news, self publishing woes, and Thank yous!

I had two comments about my Blogs within the last week and I want to thank everyone who reads me. I will post another "Tessa's Travels" Blog this afternoon!

I keep telling everyone that my Novel "A Haunting at Mackinac" will be out on Kindle in a matter of days. The only problem is I've been saying that for more than a week. LOL! I am working toward that goal. It's a matter of learning the technology, a feat that I am very slow about. There is still the feeling that if you do something wrong on the computer things get deleted and never are found again. Or you get a virus and screw up the hard drive or any of the other things you get warned about in spam e-mails happens, all of which will make you gasp and give you headaches and wish you had never seen a computer before. And yes, I'm being melodramatic so I can get it all out of my system at once and never think about it again.

Whew, now that that's all gone!

I am now going to relate this whole issue with my real world experience of Applique! When I first wished to do applique, it was because I saw a beautiful quilt that had applique on it. I thought, no prob, I can do this. Well I began to do it and found that it was kind of chore. I hated it. I got to the point on the project where I had to only do applique before I could go on and finish the whole quilt top, and I just got stuck! I put it on my UFO list and there it sat for over a decade.

Meanwhile I picked up a few hints and lessons from other quilters and I took a class with Elly Sienkiewicz, and after that I decided that I needed to teach a class, because as all teachers know, if you truly want to learn something the best way is to teach it to someone else. So long story/short, my skills began to catch up with my ambitions and I now love applique and would never give it up! Now I have the skills to go back and finish that UFO on my list that I began 15 years ago. And I will, as soon as I have time!! LOL!

That's where I am with this whole Kindle thing. I have a book, it's been edited and now I feel confident enough about it to put it out there for you all to read. But what's stopping me is this whole self-publishing software issue. It takes me about five read-throughs to get what they are trying to tell me. But when I do get it it's so simple, why it takes all that explanation to say so little is what has me bogged down. I've been jumping back and forth between the Amazon website and the Microsoft website trying to figure out step by step everything that I need the manuscript to have in order to self-publish this thing. That's the hold up. What I really need is a mentor! Someone who has done it already and who can guide me. My husband is the computer genius in the family and he is too busy playing WOW to help me with this issue. I have to figure this out on my own. But that's OK, I figured out E-bay and Netflix on my own, so I don't doubt, given time, that I can do this too.

In other news, Nanowrimo is going great! We had our first social event last night and everyone got their Nano-social badge. We made our goal word count of 10,000 words before I even got my computer properly set up. I had to work until 5 and didn't get there until it was half over! Our sponsor had to shell out the whole $100 he had pledged! Next year we are thinking about getting more sponsors and leaving the word count open ended. Maybe asking for a Dime pledge for every 100 words the group does or a penny pledge for every 10 words or something along those lines. Our total from last night was well over 20,000 words.

We had a great time! We again played the game where someone started a story with one sentence and then the story travels around the room and everyone adds a sentence to the story. It's a very fun exercise.

Last nights story had lots of blue shining and flashing objects, stones and swords and dragons and flashing lights and blue vortex portals, it was very cool!

I'll sign off for now, go see the Tessa's Travels Blog. I'm going to work on that one next!

Thanks again,
Cindy K-K

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