Sunday, December 14, 2014

More from the U.P.

I am no longer living the U.P. Now the U.P. is living in me!
Yes, it's true. The more I travel in the U.P. the more I know it's where I wish to end up in my life. Lately I've been having fantasies about this building in McMillan, Michigan. It started it's life as a school. Then it became a bottling plant for an artesian water company. Now it's a huge empty building on 27 acres of land.
But I realize this is a pipe dream, so instead I'm turning it into a story idea. In the story, (the ME character) a woman and her two best friends, all quilters, decide to move to the U.P. Their husbands all worked for the same Engineering firm and thus they are all rich. They have all just retired and their plan is to move up to the U.P. and live in this huge building and make it into a quilt shop and Hobby shop. Each of the men have a different hobby. One is a model train builder, one is a guitarist, and the other is a computer builder. The three women all are interested in different styles of quilting so the main story of the building is a quilt shop. On top of that, they are involved in making this little community into a summertime destination. They are planning to show movies on a giant blow up screen in the backyard, host baseball games between communities, and build a dormitory style sleeping quarters so they can host retreats. In addition one of their sons is a chef and in with this deal they open up a local eatery from one that had been shut down years before.
I'm thinking this will become a ghost story! Just thinking out loud!
My mother sees angels everywhere. She insisted I take a picture of this one.
I took this picture from my cousin's front door. The Albino Deer pictured here is a regular resident in the neighborhood. I never thought I'd see an albino deer let alone get 20 pictures of one. It stayed in his neighbors yard for a good fifteen minutes so I could photograph it. Rather accommodating of her wasn't it?
Here is a picture of a pair of socks that I designed. The pattern for them will be available later this week through Ravelry and on the Quiltlynx Designs Blog (see link to the right of this post.) It will also be available in my Etsy store once I get that up and running. I plan to get my store going by the end of January. On Etsy, I will sell, baskets, beaded necklaces, patterns, other finished craft projects, oh and my books. Everything that I plan to have in my booth at the farmer's market and craft shows this summer. Let's face it. If I actually get all this done, I will be organized for the very first time in my long drawn out life! Wish me luck! Haunting the U.P. like never before, Cindy K-K

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