Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friends from out of . . .Country!

Exciting things happened this week. On Friday I went down on a little mini road trip to just North of Ludington to see some friends. These are both Facet Ladies. Many of you have heard me talk about the Facet Ladies. They are an inspiring bunch of women, most of whom are quilters, who are on the Yahoo.list known as "Many Facets" It's a private, invitation only list and we've been together since about 2002. We have members in Washington, California, Canada, Michigan, Maine, Missouri, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wales, and Australia. Correct me if I've missed any please Ladies.

Anyway, our member from Virginia, Judy Hansen, has a cottage in Free Soil Michigan and spends Summers here. The member from Australia, has a son living in Colorado and has taken two trips in as many years to the States. This time she and her husband have come to Michigan and I got a chance to meet them on Friday. Wonderful Fun People!! I had such a good time that I kept thinking about it all the next day!

I left here at about 9 am and stopped at Two Sister's quilt shop on the way down. When I got to Judy's house they were sitting down to lunch and I joined them for a fabulous veggie tray and grill cheese sandwiches followed by a wonderful blueberry pie. We got a very good explanation of the game of Cricket from Graeme who stood up and gave us good visuals of the game so we could understand this otherwise totally obscure sport.

Pam and Graeme from Alexandria, Australia, Photo courtesy of Judy Wright.

After lunch, the men headed off to play a round of golf while Pam and Judy and I went toward Custer to visit the Pig Patch, another quilt shop which was very charming.

These two pictures were taken there and this is proof too that Pam bought something, Judy did not however. Very disciplined of you Judy!

We got back to the cabin and had a little quilt show. I showed my leaf quilt, my GFG, and the quotation quilt among several other things. They both looked at my Scrapbook which was a Facets list project. We sat and talked for a while waiting for the men to get home from their golf game. Meanwhile we chatted about lots of stuff and started to prepare dinner. We were going to have hamburgers and corn on the cob, the perfect summer meal. But Judy discovered that there was no hamburger so instead we cut up some veggies and chicken and steak and made Kabob's to grill. Pam shucked the corn, while I cut onions, we shared the chore of cutting the meat while Judy made rice. So when the men got home THEY COOKED! LOL! Isn't that how it always goes. The men sit near the grill and drink beer and yet the the credit for cooking! LOL!

When the men came in we told them about the change in plans, that got us to the Kabob idea instead of hamburgers. I said we lucked out. Everyone started to laugh. The four of them had had a discussion about this particular turn of phrase earlier that same day. Apparently the same phrase in Australia refers to the exact opposite thing it does here. When they say they lucked out it means they ran out of luck, It means they have had a piece of BAD luck, not Good luck, as it does here in the States.

So this started a whole series of questions about phrases that differ between our two countries.

Later on Judy was telling us about a splinter she had in her foot and Pam mentioned that Graeme was the splinter remover in the family. I was going to tell a story about my husband using a box cutter to remove splinters so I asked Graham if he used box cutters. In his wonderful down-under accent, he said, "That's not a knife." Then he mimed reaching back behind his head and said, "This is a knife!"

We all laughed and I said, "Yeah, OK, Crocodile Dundee!" Being a big movie fan I could appreciate that one. Graeme pointed out that most all Americans know that line of movie dialog!

Other things that happened this week:

On my way home from Class Thursday night I saw this wonderful rainbow. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but this kind of shows the colors. It was actually a double rainbow with echos of color spreading out to the left by thousands of yards. It was so beautiful, I nearly stopped on the road side just so I could watch it until it faded.

Then this morning I went for a long walk around my neighborhood and this silly vehicle was parked in the Cherryland Center parking lot. How interesting!

Apparently, these photos will be put up on the Oscar Meyer website. I have no idea where that is, but it's worth a google! LOL!

The Walk I took this morning was 2 1/2 miles long and I stopped in a couple of stores on the way. I was gone for just over an hour. Tomorrow I work at the quilt shop, and Tuesday I intend to walk again. Maybe do my 5K track, around to Hastings, and 8th Street and back up Woodmere to my house. I'll take my Camera in case I see something all of you should know about!!

Talk with you again next week.
Cindy K-K
Haunting again!