Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm Haunting Again

Hey everyone,

I am getting ready for the big Bridge walk this coming weekend. It's a 6 mile walk. I've only attempted it once before and I didn't make it. I had a stroke of Arrhythmia about 4 miles into it and the ambulance drove me the rest of the way back to Mackinaw City. But this time I will make it. I am 100 lbs less than I was that day, and I now know for sure that I can walk 4 miles, because I did it this past week.

Here are the pictures of what I saw on my walk.

This is a little garden yard in my neighborhood, on Boon Street. I've been watching this little yard for years but this year I noticed this lovely Cairn standing there, with the piece of volcanic rock topping it, just like in the movie "Shawshank Redemption." Interesting I thought. And I wondered if the owner of this property was as big a fan of that movie as I am.

Next I saw this lovely metal statue of a praying mantis. This was in a little roadside garden next to a health facility on Hastings Rd. Here are two more pictures of this same garden.

It's in a kind of industrial blighted area so it's totally out of place and I don't think it gets noticed much, but it was worth stopping for a look.

My weekend got very busy, so I apologize for being late with this blog. Sunday was fantasy football draft day, and so us two "girls" got together to talk, knit, and share a bottle of bubbly. Man did we talk! I'm not even going to go into what we talked about, our lives, and our husbands, and our gossipy little innuendos. Nothing worthy of mention here! We had a great time and even got a little knitting done. Sharon is a spinner, and she had three skeins of a bulky gold yarn that had been in the shop and didn't sell, so she gave it too me. She kept insisting I take it even after I had decided I wanted it! So I borrowed some needles from her and started a pair of mittens and I may have enough left for a hat. I'll keep you posted as I get the components done.

Anyway, Here are a couple of things I actually did get done this week.
This is the latest applique block for my Applique Club. I got it done and in the shop so people can see what the next project is. I have the third project well underway as well. I intend to get one done every month from here on out.

This next project is a top that I'm starting. This is the background and I'm not sure what's going to go in it yet. I think I am going to try a scrapbook quilt of some sort.
I bought a couple of pieces of shiny object type things to put in it. I think I will have to call it my ADOSSO project. (ADOSSO=Attention Deficit, Oh $hit, Shiny Object!)((This statement was told to me by my friend who designed this blog template and fellow suffer of the ADOSSO syndrome, Feeby Coats, AKA Spirit.))

I will keep you posted on the progress of this particular shiny object.

Last but certainly not least is the pattern for the Mended Hearts. I have written up my version of the pattern and it will start to be available for sale at Interquilten in the next few weeks. Anyone else who would like a copy of this pattern can e-mail me. I believe they will be retailing for about $8.00. Here are two views of one quilt I made from this pattern. I have made about four of these quilts in different color schemes but somehow, they have all disappeared.

There is a story behind this one and why I still have access to it. I was finishing it up at a quilting retreat and my BFF Suzy kept saying, Oh what a beautiful quilt, you're making that for me right? Normally I would say, "Yeah sure," or "Sorry, you don't mean enough to me," or some other sarcastic remark. But this time I'm thinking (and expressing) how tired I am of doing these particular blocks and projects, and I'm so not enamoured of finishing this one. Well, By Saturday night my shoulders were so tight and pained from all that heavy quilting, I started complaining and thinking I should quit and go to bed early. Suzy came up behind me and started to give me a neck rub. It felt so good that after about ten minutes I said to her. Oh, OK, it's yours. I grabbed the quilt and threw it at her. She has kept it ever since and just loves it. So when I needed a new picture of it for the pattern I asked her to bring it to Borders and had two of the gals hold it up for me.

More has happened since the weekend already, yes I live a very busy life! But I will detail those things this coming Sunday in my next post!

Thanks for reading! And go rent "Shawshank Redemption" this week if you haven't seen it recently.

Cindy K-K
Haunting again!