Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another great Road Trip!

I've been Haunting all over the state!

Suzy and I went on another road trip. Last Tuesday we hit the road and made it all the way down to Lake Orion and the quilt shop called Canterbury Village. I spent way too much, (don't tell Jeff) but the thing is this is going to be the last one this year and probably way until next summer. I'll need all that time to get the balance on my credit card down. LOL! Anyway, they were having a quilt show at the gift shop next door to the quilt shop and I took a few pictures. This one I'm going to copy.

I recently got my Halloween fabric stash out and started going through it. I now have about six more Halloween quilts planned. So it was serendipitous that I was able to see the interesting Halloween quilts at this shop.

So then there was this quilt too, which Suzy and I stared at for a long long time. So interesting. I took some close up detailed pics of it.
You can imagine, I'm going to be collecting blocks for my own version of this one. It's so detailed and unique.

And I love the little mermaids and fat ladies in bathing suits! So much fun!

But other than the Halloween projects that I won't be finished with before Halloween, I have a lot of other sewing to do. I have bags to make for the craft show at Munson, I have Christmas gifts to finish, and I have store samples to make. I know I'll have time to do most of this, but then again. Nanowrimo is starting Sunday! SUNDAY!! Yikes!

So my Sewing area looks like a horrifying industrial explosion of a fabric factory and all I really want to do is sit at my computer which is facing the window looking out onto my Japanese Garden and forget about everything that is going on behind me in the rest of the house. LOL!

So here is the view I face when I am sitting at the computer.

Nice Huh?

In other news: Jeff finally updated our cable. We have been enjoying Showtime for a week now, and we're totally caught up on the Dexter episodes. Are there any other Dexter Fans out there reading this? Love it!

Anyway, I will be catching up on the On-Demand movies for a while. That's why I haven't been at Family Video lately. Sorry A.J.! I'll am always trying to find good movies to tell all of you about. Maybe this time I should tell you about my all time favorites. Three words, Dickens, Austin, and Bronte. Yeah I know, those are authors not film makers. But I love the films made from the books that these three authors wrote. My favorite story of all time is Jane Eyre. I've seen every version of this film made. Likewise I will watch any film made from a Dickens book. My favorite one of those is Little Dorrit. I've been watching the BBC version of this book nearly daily.

The point is, the films made from these three authors seem to be ones that I watch again and again and again. Amazing!

OK, That's all I have for now. More about the finished projects later.

The Haunter

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