Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Haunting in Marquette

I was haunting in Marquette last week folks! My mother lives up there on Ohio Street which is at the very top of a very large hill. So you would think that walking in Marquette would be a downhill proposition. But not so! Yes, one does have to come back, but it seems that I nearly always want to go someplace else that is at the top of another hill.

I first walked down Ohio street to Third street and up to the little strip mall where the quilt shop is. That was a fairly nice half mile walk. Then I decided to walk back to Mom's house and that IS uphill all the way. I was carrying a new fabric purchase too! I didn't start catching my breath until I had been in the house sitting down for at least ten minutes. Is that normal?

I didn't take any pictures on that trek even though I had the camera and I walked under this drooping tree with huge leaves and very unique trunk, on Park street. I wanted to go back and take pictures of it but never got the chance. You see I had forgotten that I took the card out of the camera. OK, so now I have a spare card behind my driver's license in my wallet in case that ever happens again.

After dinner that night Jeff and I wanted to go down to Presque Isle (pronounced Press-keel). The Island is a rocky piece of land that juts out from the North side of Marquette and has some of the most lovely scenery in the area. I wanted to go back to the big rocks but the drive was blocked off and I didn't think I could walk that far before sunset. So we went over to Sunset park on the West side of the island and walked backwards up the drive. It was windy out and the Surf was definitely up! The majority of these pictures are of that walk. We took about 50 pictures. These are the best of the bunch.

Jeff is convinced that in a few thousand years the water and wind will totally obliterate this whole Island even though it has huge outcroppings of exposed bedrock.

My Third and final walk in as many days was down 6th street to Ridge Street and up the huge hill to the Yarn shop, which is a stones throw from their Ben Franklin Store which is right next door to their Family Video store. I stopped at all three places and managed to drop another $30 on various things. No movies though for two reasons. Number one, A.J. wasn't there to advise me. And Number two, we were leaving early the next day. My mom is not much of a movie buff, although I could have rented Grand Torino for her, she would have enjoyed that one. This picture was taken on Ridge Street. I was wondering if this was an ordinance or just good advice.

These last two pictures were just things that we saw the morning we left. This poor dog in the back of the truck, we both wondered what this poor thing had done to deserve this treatment.

We stopped at the rest area in the Senney Stretch and apparently there was a nice big family of beautiful brown ground squirrels that lived in the trees nearby. They appeared like our city dwelling chipmunks but they were way bigger, smaller than a regular squirrel though. This one was serving lunch at the lunch counter and calling the rest of the family to come to the table. LOL~!

I managed to also finish a couple of projects but I'll report on those later.

It was a good trip and I'm glad I got to see my Mom before the holidays even though it's difficult for us to get up there as much as we would like. But none-the-less, I'm glad to be home.

Monday night we had a really great Guild meeting. My program was on Figuring out how to develop your own color theory. Lots of people seemed to like it.

Tuesday I thought I would change the livingroom furniture around and clean underneath things. I also wanted to set up my sewing room in the kitchen again. Working at Interquilten I really do need to have an organized sewing area. So I spent the last two days changing, cleaning, and organizing. LOL! It so needed to be done! I'll take some pictures of the new area after it's totally clean and organized and post them next week along with pictures of the projects I will be able to finish because of it!

How's that for wishful thinking!

Back haunting in TC again!

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