Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sights while Editing!

Here is what I look at while I edit my latest novel. And yes, I have been editing The Wolves that Watch for almost an entire year now. I've gotten a few other things done in that year. I had another Nanowrimo victory and wrote most of the novel about the Border Babes. It's a kind of an unpleasant novel though, so it was a hard one to write. My friend Kathy Atwater has agreed to proof-read Wolves for me though, so we are almost finished with that.

I've also gotten some quilting accomplished, finished some old projects, started a few new ones, same old/same old. I took up drawing Zentangles.

And I started a new pattern designing business, Quiltlynx Designs. See my new link to the right.

The patterns are only available at Interquilten for the time being. But they each have their own UPC code so it's a possibility that they could be distributed farther. That's on the agenda.

What else is new? I'm like Buckaroo Bonzai, going in several different directions at once! Do you all remember that movie? Did you ever see it? I love that movie. It's the only movie that I ever bought more than one copy of. I had it on Beta Max, then bought it on VHF, and then recently found it on DVD. If I ever get a Blu Ray player I'll have to buy it again. It's my movie version of the White Album!

I just finished reading the Orchardist last night and found it to be a wholey unsatisfying book. There was a lot left unsaid at the end. But then I found that to be true in much of the book. I think if it were to be made into a movie it would be a quiet movie similar to New World where the characters to speak to each other in intimate whispers befitting the peaceful nature of the orchard where they live and work. Also I kept wanting the loose ends to be tied up in the story, like where did Talmadge's sister go? Was she really abducted by Michaelson like it was hinted at? Or did Talmadge's sister, whose first name was Elizabeth, have noting to do with the Elizabeth that appears in Della's flashbacks. I didn't want Elizabeth to have been abducted by Michaelson, but at the same time I thought it would be right for Talmadge to develop a deep caring for Elizabeth's possible offspring. It's very complicated but also very simple. The fact that not everything is spelled out leads to much speculation on the part of the reader.

That's my update, I hope all you readers and movie goers out there are enjoying yourselves. Love, Cindy

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