Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rejections are Rolling In!

Yep, I've started a new file for rejection letters from my novels. I had a huge file folder full of rejection letters from a few years ago when I was freelancing. I didn't use them as wallpaper but I couldn't see destroying them either. I'm quite proud of the list of newspapers, magazines, agents, and publishing houses that have rejected me!

It's just a part of this business and not even an important one. I'm not going to state which great authors were rejected over and over before finally winning the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. It's too common of a story, and I like stories that are more unique.

I just finished the final edits of "The Wolves that Watch" and it is now completely ready to send full versions of it out to publishers and agents. I've been sending queries for a few months now. We shall see what happens.

In the mean time, can't let any grass grow! I've been working in my mind on two more books. One is the second in the Tessa Gates series, and the other is a Utopian dream book. Maybe I should tell you about them both and let you, my dedicated readers decide. I want to write them both before the end of the year, and before I start edits on the first Tessa Gates book, Working title: Tessa's Travels. (For more on this story check out Tessa's Blog, see link to the right.)

The sequel to Tessa's Travels is going to be working titled, something about Minnesota. Tessa and Woofy continue on their trek to find the most unusual food in the country, eat it and report on it. Tess and Woofy travel with her new adopted brother in their newly acquired Motor home. By the time the reader is finished reading Tessa's Travels they will know the supernatural nature of Woofy and his link with Tess, but their adventure will continue. They will become enmeshed in other interesting species and creatures. While in Minnesota Tess and Woofy become separated in the woods and their bond is tested as Woofy's life is endangered this time.

The other book is about two people again, who find each other. The man, years ago when he was a teenager, had been given a tarot card reading which turned out to be prophetic. He was told that he would meet a woman whom he would marry and would literally not be able to take his eyes off of her. But he was to be careful of her, because this woman would have secrets. He would have to let go of nearly everything he had grown to be in order to overcome her secrets and be with her. He dismissed the whole reading from his mind, to all outward appearance, meanwhile making every decision in his life as if the reading were absolutely true. Then as he is nearing his 30th birthday, she appears.

She walks into his life and he cannot take his eyes off of her. She is taken aback by this rude stranger and challenges him to keep staring by walking right up to him and talking with him. He does not back down.

Several days later, this man has taken matters into his own hands. He has taken his life savings and started his own business. He puts out a help wanted sign and she applies for the job. Later she tells him that if he couldn't take his eyes off her she thought it was only right that he pay her for the privilege. They begin their friendship and then a relationship, and then a love affair. But what is her secret? What does he have to fear from this woman? And what will it mean to him and his family, and the entire little town in which he has lived his entire life? And where does the Utopian dream come into it? Wait and see.

Like I said, I want to finish writing both of these books before the end of this year. I'll write one during Nanowrimo, and the other one I will start on now.

Sorry, I have to choose, I can't wait for a poll! Maybe next time, followers! Although, Pie Lady, if you would like to give me your thoughts at once, I'd love them!

Also, is there anyone out there who likes to do graphic design and who would like to help me with a design for the cover for "The Wolves that Watch." I'm thinking that maybe a socket wrench on top of a piano with drops of blood on the keyboard, or maybe two wolves feeding on a deer. Or maybe a raccoon walking along a road behind a jogging girl. Just thinking out loud!

Have a good week, and I'll write again with my progress in a while. Cindy K-K.

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